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The love for plants and the motivation for opening up my own salon was driven by the relationship that my mother and I have grown since the tragic death of my younger brother in 2018. The need to keep a gift basket of plants alive that I received during our mourning just blossomed into an amazing hobby and love for plants. I have amazing help by my lovely Co-Worker Brittany who does most of the work to keep them alive and shares the same love for them as I do.

We at Trend Hair Society pride ourselves in having a fantastic team that offers incredible treatments and unbeatable customer service we can stand behind. We look forward to providing a relaxing beautiful environment while giving you the latest trends in the hair industry.


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not just a salon. a garden oasis


Our hair color can define and transform us.

Our color specialists spend days, hours, and years mastering their craft. They have extensive knowledge of the technicalities of hair color, depth, and tone and work with a range of techniques, including permanent, semi-permanent, and highlighting. 


the medium cut

If you've been dealing with scraggly ends, botched color jobs, or just generally blah hair, this is for you. This length looks so chic and can help fine hair appear thicker when cut with a blunt line. Ask for a one-length cut just above your bust line to create an undeniable bond with you and your values.


embrace your curls!

2023 is the year of embracing your natural hair texture. For curly girls with big bouncy ringlets, or short spirally coils, it’s time to put down those straighteners and embrace the curl pattern you were born with. But taking that first step towards achieving dream curls can be difficult, and at times daunting — especially if years of heat-styling or chemical straightening had left your hair damaged. Luckily, our master stylists are on hand to help give you the best tips and tricks to embrace and revive your curls, from products to styling.


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